Being Tech Curious will help SMEs become future-proof

Recently, Exact presented the 2016 SME Barometer. The outcomes showed that entrepreneurs acknowledge the world is in technological transition, but are unsure how to react. Our suggestion is they start by being tech curious.

Some 62 per cent of business owners believe that technology change will have a strong impact on the competitive landscape of their market. Yet at the same time nearly one third of respondents says they find it difficult to keep up with technological changes. These are some of the findings of our annual SME Barometer.

Be tech curious

Exact says it is crucial for SMEs to keep up with these changes. Curiosity is a prerequisite for future success. After all, implementing certain technology in your business starts with knowing it exists. This is why we help entrepreneurs get acquainted with the latest in tech.

Read all about it in the Exact Tech-5

To guide entrepreneurs through the world of innovative technology, we launched the Exact Tech-5, currently in Dutch only. On this digital stage, tech-savvy experts from Exact and our ecosystem share their tech vision and opinion. Updated regularly, the Exact Tech-5 is a collection of technologies that we believe are worth being curious about.

Max Verstappen leads the way

Our favorite F1 driver and valued employee Max Verstappen leads the way. With over thousand sensors in his F1 car, Max has to be tech curious like the rest of us to stay on top of his game. Check out the video’s we made with him below.

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