Exact claims third place in global cloud accounting market

Over 200,000 companies supported by Exact Online

Delft, April 30, 2015 - Exact surpassed the barrier of supporting over 200,000 companies with Exact Online. This is an important milestone, placing us at rank three in the global cloud accounting market, following the vendors Intuit and Xero.

The cloud accounting market evolves rapidly and will develop into a global market space in the coming years. Breaking through the 200,000 and that third place in the world ranking emphasizes our position as a frontrunner in the market of business software in the cloud for SMBs.

Global expansion
Exact Online was launched nearly a decade ago and since then the number of users has increased rapidly. Also companies in Belgium, Germany, Great Britain and America embrace Exact Online as the cloud solution that fits their business best enabling them to have realtime insight and full control over all business elements. In June 2015, Exact Online will become commercially available in France as well.

Top-3 position
Together with companies that use our private cloud solutions, we now support over 230,000 companies worldwide with our business software. We are well on our way to realize our ambition of becoming a global top-3 player for business software in the cloud for SMBs.


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