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Great projects or healthy margins?

Your employees make every effort to satisfy their customers and deliver great projects. However, great projects are not enough for a consultancy firm. Successful growth also requires you to have enough billable hours and projects delivered with healthy margins.

Stay two steps ahead of your competitors

Service providers and consultancy firms are doing well in the Netherlands. The economic recovery and digitalisation have boosted turnovers in recent years, but a chronic shortage of staff and increasing competition are hampering this growth. Winning and retaining customers is therefore quite challenging. Achieving growth as such is not enough. You also need to achieve returns from this growth.

How to get a higher return from your growth

The customer remains critical, wants more added value and wants its services delivered at ever more competitive hourly rates. In practice, we see that internal inefficiencies are standing in the way of this value creation: how many spreadsheets and tools do you need in your day-to-day work? The entry of hours, project lists and so on causes a lot of hassle and mistakes, particularly in dynamic project environments. This type of time-consuming, unprofessional work also tends to involve unnecessary duplication of effort.

How can you prevent your healthy margins from being wiped out by lack of insight? How can you grow professionally without losing valuable time fire-fighting and correcting mistakes caused by internal inefficiencies?

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Easy and efficient to work with

Whether you are engaged in simple time registration or clear project reports – Exact was designed to make things easy for consultancy firms. Get your employees to simply enter their hours each day online. You will see your time registration is faster and better. The result: No more observations after the fact, but direct control with clear progress reports that really show the current state of affairs.

Better project monitoring & more billable hours

Your organisation is growing with more employees and more projects. How do you prevent high expenditure on projects? How can you manage the expected manpower utilisation? Exact not only gives you more control over costs and margins through better project monitoring; it also gives you the opportunity to increase the capacity utilisation of employees and therefore directly boost your turnover.

Manageable growth

Your organisation continues to grow, with more branches and more complexity. How can you grow and scale up dynamic and growing project organisations in a manageable way? Make the management of your complex financial project organisation easy. Projects, employees and relations are centrally managed. The inter-company functionality allows you to easily settle transactions between various branches. The figures are easily consolidated, without spreadsheets and long, time-consuming closing cycles.

Everything integrated Everything under control

Work more efficiently, gain insight and increase billable hours through the seamless integration of CRM, time registration, project monitoring, capacity planning, procurement, billing and accounting.

Whether you're looking for a simple time registration and billing system or a more comprehensive solution to consolidate projects and financial results across multiple international operating companies, we have the most complete solution to suit your organisation, one that will grow with you.

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  • Koninklijke Horeca Nederland
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Client testimonialsGX Software

Having a single database as the starting point means we can depend on reliable information – from figures to contracts to leave – in all business processes. Exact: a single source of truth.

Client testimonialsKoninklijke Horeca Nederland

We chose Exact for the financial administration and time registration. Exact was the right choice.

Client testimonialsGracious

We have had a much more comprehensive overview since working with Exact. This is essential for being able to take the next step.

Client testimonialsD-ploy

Thanks to Exact, we can now focus more on the needs of our customers.

Client testimonialsBrandsma Digitaal Meten

Simple Simon in combination with Exact for Time & Billing is perfect. It's easy to use for field staff, and all employees can keep track of their tasks.

Would you like to know how you can grow in a manageable way, without losing any valuable time?

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