You are stronger together

It is not especially important to focus on how you choose to work with your clients online. In Exact Online, you mutually decide on who does what. You divide the roles between yourselves and the rest takes care of itself.

Intelligent collaboration with Exact Online

  • Connect your client to your environment.
  • View the same information together in real time.
  • Effective client communication.

Service-oriented office management

The Practice Management add-on enables you to combine the back office and front office in a single package. From now on, you have everything you need for each client in one place: from their bookkeeping and contact details to hours recorded and invoices issued. It enhances your level of service and productivity.

Salaries are integrated

You can also process salaries, including leave and absences. The information for around 140 CLAs is automatically updated, and you and your clients can share pay slips, annual statements, declarations and more online.

Which package is right for my client?

Want to know how to optimise collaboration with your client? Use the product selector to find out which package is right for your client within seconds.

Offer your client your own My[Firm] app

My[Firm]: online collaboration redefined. It enables you to extend online collaboration to clients that generate less turnover for you, and it allows your clients to finally access everything online and entrust their bookkeeping to you.

  • Receive your client's input faster and in more detail.
  • Work together efficiently within your own Exact environment.
  • Provide convenient, real-time insights into your clients' business.
  • Offer it to your clients as your own company app with your own logo.

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