Achieve unparalleled efficiency

When all of your processes and data are consolidated within a single online package, you can concentrate on responding more quickly to your clients' needs – a trait valued by SMEs.

Exact Online is your new assistant:

  • Receive smart suggestions based on historical entries thanks to artificial intelligence.
  • Process invoices in no time using Scan & Recognise, UBL or e-invoicing.
  • Tax returns and reports are automatically prepared for you.
  • Arrange for bank payments and transactions to be made automatically.

No hands accounting

Whether you opt for robotic accounting or no-hands accounting, the end result is the same: Exact Online uses artificial intelligence to do the work for you. It learns from what you book into your system and how you work in the package, and offers suggestions on this basis. All you have to do is check these suggestions and you can keep working.

Find out how simple it is to use Scan & Recognise

Process invoices in no time using UBL, e-invoicing or Scan & Recognise. The latter enables you to scan in paperwork with your smartphone or tablet. It will be automatically converted and subsequently made available as proposed booking entries.

The system can be connected to ABN AMRO, ING, Rabobank and Bunq, enabling changes to bank records to be processed for you. They can directly access the right G/L account in your bookkeeping.

Automate your clients with My[Firm]

Help your clients move their records from the shoebox to the cloud with My[Firm]. It allows you to be more efficient in your work and offer more services, and it enables your clients to make their processes more professional, even if they are not (yet) ready to commit to a full subscription.

  • Have your clients submit receipts & invoices digitally and via the company app (featuring your own company logo).
  • Give them the option of doing their invoicing professionally from their mobile, tablet and laptop.
  • A clear workflow and communication between the accountant and the client.

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