Advice for the future

You can no longer rely on your financial expertise alone. Your clients expect you to have in-depth knowledge about their industry – and that you are a business consultant in addition to an accountant.

Going a step further with Exact Online

An increasing number of entrepreneurs and employers now work with business consultants to help them develop their business. But wait: don't you think your firm has much more in-house expertise in financial matters and entrepreneurship than your average consultant? A wealth of opportunities await you. Exact Online gives you all the resources you need to get ahead of the competition.

  • Real-time insight into your clients' day-to-day business.
  • Convenient advice dashboards for each account.
  • Assistance with business automation through our sector packages.
  • Ability to draw up and measure KPIs easily.

Convenient advice dashboards

Determine the KPIs for each client and automatically store them in a customised online advice dashboard. The client sees their performance in real time, which motivates both parties and enables you and your client to celebrate success and seize strategic opportunities as they arise.

Connect the best business apps

Shopping in the Exact Online App Centre couldn't be more useful: this is the best place to connect your favourite software & services to Exact Online.

Support for your firm

The Accountancy Programme is designed for firms where expanding their services is a top priority. Click here to find out more about training courses, certification and marketing support.

Automation for better advice

"The tools of the trade are being automated. By looking ahead to the future, you can improve the way you assist your clients," states Maurice Kil at HLB Blömer accountants en adviseurs B.V. Find out how to provide better advice with Exact Online.

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