Accountancy growth model for modern administration and accounting firms

Discover the 4 steps with the number 1 software

Do you want to work online together with clients? Looking to provide new advisory services? Want to continue the automation and digitalisation process at your firm?

Many Dutch accountants and bookkeepers have already overcome these key challenges. They use Exact Online to establish future-proof foundations on which to build their firm. Will you be the next accountant to master all the figures that come your way?

Create a successful future for you and your clients.

Maximise your growth

We use a new growth model to tackle your challenges in just 4 steps – and we help make your firm a success in the process.

Step 1. Switching to the cloud

Cloud software is secure, flexible and easy to get started with. What's more, your only IT costs are a monthly subscription. You and your clients benefit from the most up-to-date versions and the latest innovations at all times without having to do anything.

Step 2. Complete automation

The next stage is to do away with the activities that impede efficiency the most: manual input & review work and processes that are not compatible with one another. Exact Online takes care of this for you and your clients. This saves everybody time and rules out embarrassing errors later on.

Step 3. Online collaboration

43% of SMEs work together with their accountant online. Exact Online meets the requirements of all kinds of entrepreneurs and accountants. It is designed specifically for flexible online collaboration, with all users viewing the same information at all times.

Step 4. Advice on a more professional level

You already trust your clients. The only thing you need now to become a true business consultant is to gain real-time insight into your clients' business. Exact Online gives you this insight, enabling you to identify trends, measure KPIs and achieve excellent results together.

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