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Welcome to the Exact Cloud

Welcome to the Exact Cloud

We like our customers to have choice. You can run Exact Globe or Synergy in your own cloud environment via Amazon Web Services (AWS), via your own on-premise IT infrastructure, or in the Exact cloud - which becomes available through the acquisition of Parentix.

Social Collaboration 3.0

Social Collaboration 3.0 in Exact Synergy

Social Collaboration 3.0 increases the relevancy and improves the experience of online interpersonal communications. The newly introduced News and Announcement features boost the efficiency and capabilities of Synergy as the integrated platform for internal communication and knowledge sharing.

Dealing with GDPR


As of 25 May 2018, any company that processes personal data of European citizens must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We made various adjustments to our software with respect to this new regulation.

Exact Synergy

The Summer ‘18 Release is our second large product release this year. Exact Software is always developing, in order to best service our customers. Check out the latest updates in Exact Synergy.

1. Scalable exchange of project transactions

It is now possible to exchange project transaction data, such as project invoices and WIP transactions, fully via Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS). Centrally manage all your data integrations via ELIS and easily scale up when you need to add more data integrations.

2. Personalize your navigation menu

Easily modify and personalize your navigation menu. You can now remove menu items shown under ‘My’ and ‘Quicklinks’ directly via the menu itself.

3. Upgraded workspaces

It is now possible to set a specific workspace as your organization’s standard homepage. It will be the first thing your employees see when opening Exact Synergy. You can now also add an ‘instant search’ widget to your workspace.

4. Enhancements CMDM

The Central Masterdata Management (CMDM) solution now supports the effective date of changes made to HR records. In addition, it is also possible to centrally manage job title data.

5. Sort project codes in search results

When viewing the search results for projects in the Column view, you can now sort the project codes in an ascending or descending order.

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Exact Globe

The Summer ‘18 Release is our second large product release this year. Exact Software is always developing, in order to best service our customers. Check out the latest updates in Exact Globe.

1. Prevent order lines from splitting

To reduce the number of unnecessary lines in sales & service orders or quotations, it’s now possible to prevent orderliness from splitting according to the free stock lines. After performing an allocation to free stock that has multiple stock count transactions or after performing a partial allocation.

2. Supporting new international VAT initiatives

Several EU countries have introduced anti-fraud measures to their VAT systems. We’ve made various updates to the VAT submission to address these initiatives in e.g. Hungary, Poland, Romania, Spain and more.

3. Electronic Banking standardization

ISO 20022 is the international standard for electronic data interchange in the financial sector. We’ve enhanced the SEPA Credit Transfer (CST) for Swiss legislation.

4. Service orders automatically completed

A service order will now be considered completed as soon as all lines are filled out completely. The completed status will be displayed next to the Conditions button on the service order. This allows you to complete a project in Exact Globe Next even before the service order is invoiced.

5. Better track reseller discounts

Many organizations distribute goods and services via partners, resellers or dealers. To better track discounts given to these resellers, we’ve made it possible to record discounts using a specific discount general ledger account defined for this reseller.

6. Performance MRP engine strongly improved

The performance of the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) calculation has been enhanced in this product update. With a large number of requirements, this improvement will help reduce the time required for the MRP engine to run.

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Exact Online

The Summer ‘18 Release is our second large product release this year. Exact Software is always developing, in order to best service our customers. Check out the latest updates in Exact Online.

1. Improved convenience when entering sales orders

Checking credit limits and accounts receivables should not be a time consuming effort. That’s why you can now view these while entering sales orders. It’s also easier to show available stock in the sales order. These improvements are available for Exact Online for Wholesale Distribution and Manufacturing.

2. Ensure timely and accurate timesheet reporting

Chasing employees to timely and fully report their hours can be cumbersome. We’ve now made it easier to identify those employees with insufficient time entries and introduced an option to send them a personal e-mail reminder to complete and submit their timesheets in full. We also made it possible to add comments to time entry rejections - helping you to better communicate time entry rejections.

3. VAT in UBL purchase invoice is leading

For VAT calculations, the UBL purchase invoice is now leading. We still calculate the VAT amount in the background, to inform our users about relevant differences and ask for their validation. But differences below a threshold of 0,10 Euro are accepted and the invoice is ready to be entered.

4. Two factor verification

We’ve enabled the setup of a new device for two-step verification through email. You can now use the option to request a temporary link through email to set up an authenticator on a new device for two-step verification. You may need this when, for example you have lost the device that contains your authenticator to access Exact Online.

5. Amazon Web Services new hosting platform

As from June 2018 all data and services related to Exact Online are hosted at Amazon Web Services (AWS). This allows us to innovate faster and offers more advanced security options, such as the encryption of data exchanges via REST API. Data is now stored in Ireland ensuring data remains within the EU after Brexit.

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