Inside the Workshop

In this exclusive interview series, Max takes us to the place where he lay the groundwork for his exceptional driving style.

Inside the Workshop consists of 4 episodes, in which Max talks openheartedly with Dutch F1 pitlane reporter Jack Plooij. Max enlightens about his urge to always finish first, the sleepless nights before the Spanish Grand Prix and about who calls the shots before and during a race.

Episode 1: Passion

“If you’re not competing to win, you might as well stay home.”

This first episode of the series is about the passion for racing Max has had his entire life. Max elaborates on how he grew up racing go-karts, mini bikes and quads with his friends, laying the groundwork for the exceptional driving style that shook up Formula 1.

Episode 2: Preparation

“You’re obviously still a youngster. How did you learn all of that?” – “I guess I’m a natural.”

Max’ cool response to this question might hold some truth, but surely becoming the world’s youngest F1 Grand Prix winner has a lot more to it. In Episode 2 of Inside the Workshop, Max tells about the hard work and thorough preparation that have been crucial to his extraordinary rise in Formula 1.

Episode 3: People

“In the operations room, about 60 people monitor and analyse data during a Grand Prix.”

Episode 3 of this exclusive interview series with Max Verstappen is all about people. Max tells about the importance and sheer size of his team and digs into the dynamics between Daniel Ricciardo and himself.

Episode 4: The full interview

“On the circuit, you have no friends. You respect each other, but you’re not friends.” There’s only one thing that counts to Max: to finish first.

How and how often Max intends to do that, he tells in this extra-long fourth and final episode of Inside the Workshop. Check out the complete interview with Max now.

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