Brand identity

Being a challenger, Exact likes to stand out. So we developed a brand identity that does exactly that. Every element of our visual system, from the in-your-face-red color to the imagery and icons, is designed to be instantly recognizable. Like everything we do, the Exact brand identity breathes innovation and creativity.

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Central to Exact’s brand identity is the logo. The Exact logo consists of a wordmark (=Exact) enclosed in a tab. The ‘=’ symbolizes the precision with which we work. The standard logo is a white wordmark on a red tab, but it might be reversed if that makes it stand out better against the background.

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The Exact logo is normally never in the center of a page, but preferably on the right hand side. It is always attached to the top or the bottom of a page. Within the tab, the wordmark (= Exact) is slightly above the vertical axis. This is intended to compensate for cut-off when printing, but is also done on digital application.

Clear space & positioning

To preserve the integrity and visual impact of the Exact logo, always maintain a minimum 1X clear space around it. This clear space is an integral part of its design and ensures the logo can be seen quickly, uncluttered by other logos, symbols, artwork or text.

When positioning the logo near the edge of the page, always respect a minimum distance of 3X between the logo and the edge.

In some exceptional cases, the logo might be centered. These are narrow materials such as business cards, screen applications, banners, roll-ups or flags. In such cases, always respect a minimum distance of 2X between the logo and both edges of the page.

To ensure readability of the logo, never put the logo smaller than 12mm (print) or 70 px (screen).

Background colors

Always make sure to have sufficient contrast between the Exact logo and the background color. Please note that the reversed logo version (white tab) is only permitted within the primary color range.



The Exact color palette is composed of primary colors and one set of secondary colors to offer flexibility in data visualization, brochures, flyers, websites and other communication materials.

Color can be used to create excitement, set a mood, and express personality. Exact red is our primary color and should therefore always be your first choice in creating anything. The red range is to be used for all communication.

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Exact Primary color

Exact Secondary color


Primary typeface

Alwyn New is the primary typeface for all our communications. It is made up of four weights: Light, Regular, Medium, and Bold. For each weight there is also an Italic version, which is mainly used to highlight words.

Choosing from this combination of weights, you can use the Alwyn New to create a clear and consistent visual hierarchy.

Secondary typeface

Calibri is the typeface we use for standard office software, such as Microsoft Office. Calibri’s proportions allow high impact in tightly set lines of big and small text alike. Calibri’s many curves and the new rasterizer team up in bigger sizes to reveal a warm and soft character.

Arial is used on websites and other online applications. This is visually close to the brand font Alwyn and is by default available for all platforms. Arial provides a clear and uniform image to all visitors.


Our distinctive photographic style is what brings the brand to life. Ensuring a consistent style and quality of photography strengthens our brand across all media. Our images should not just visualize what the words are already telling, but should bring something extra.

Positively edgy

Our imagery is always bright and might be a bit in your face. All our images must communicate a positive vibe; a sense of enthusiasm and engagement.

Clear yet intriguing

We are Exact, so our images should be clear and easily understandable. Yet, there is always room for a little twist: a somewhat surprising angle, an unexpected color element or a highlighted detail. This makes them interesting to look at and distinguish them from other photography.

Solidly warm

Our images convey a human atmosphere, with warm, yet strong colors. Our business is not about software. It is about enabling people to realize their ambitions. This is why we focus on people and on interaction between them.

Vibrant yet airy

Movement, contrast and depth of field capture our energy. There is always a feeling of space, of openness. Be careful not to get too cluttered or frivolous

Illustration & infographics

When making illustrations and infographics, always make sure to use flat components with rounded corners and off course our color palette. You can also use our set of icons.

When making an infographic, always construct a clear story, rather than a random collection of statistics with supporting graphics. Organize the information as it will be read: left to right, top to bottom. Use the flat components to give context and identify key information. Illustrate key messages and information. Use simple charts to visualize the data. Combine white space with simple visuals.


We have quite an elaborate set of icons, which should always be flat. When designing your own icons, always stay within the rounded feel of the brand. Always make sure the icons are fit for use in (very) small formats.

Data visualization

When designing complex charts, keep the overall styling simple. Maintain consistent line weights and type sizes across all charts within a publication. This will make for a sophisticated appearance and aid readability of the document.