Our mission

Exact empowers SMEs to be the driving force of the global economy.

We provide ambitious entrepreneurs and accountants with the technology and services they need to grow beyond their limits. With our software, platforms and ecosystem SMEs can realize their full potential.


Entrepreneurial tech startup

Exact’s mission to empower entrepreneurs dates back to 1984, when six students founded the company on an attic in Delft, The Netherlands. Challenging the established way of bookkeeping, with cabinets full of paperwork, their business software enabled companies to digitalize their bookkeeping. Great idea, great timing, as lots of companies were buying their first pc’s in the eighties. Apart from being tech-savvy, Exacts founders also understood the importance of being in touch with their customers. Within a few years, the entrepreneurial tech startup became a major player in the Dutch market.

Fast forward to today. Exact is now a global player with 375,000 customers, 1750 employees in 14 countries. A lot has changed, yet we still breathe the same entrepreneurial spirit from which we were born. We still challenge the status quo by developing great technical solutions for our ever-so-highly valued customers.


Continuous strive for innovation

Deriving from our entrepreneurial roots, Exact combines the energy of a startup with the benefits of a multinational. We have a dare to do mentality and continuously strive for innovation. In our dynamic environment, anybody can have impact. We value ideas by their merit, not by their source. New opinions, people and cultures keep our minds flexible, while we stay committed to our ambition of conquering the world.

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Brand identity

Standing out in the crowd

Being a challenger, Exact likes to stand out. So we developed a brand identity that does exactly that. Every element of our visual system, from the in-your-face-red color to the imagery and icons, is designed to be instantly recognizable. Like everything we do, the Exact brand identity breathes innovation and creativity.

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Erik van der Meijden, CEO

Erik van der Meijden (1959) is the Chief Executive Officer of Exact. As such, he is responsible for Exact’s strategy, operations and M&A. Erik strongly believes Exact’s future lies in becoming a digital business, enabling us to grow exponentially and to support SMEs all around the globe.

Erik van der Meijden holds a M.Sc. degree in Geodesy from the TU Delft and an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management. With a background in consultancy and sales, he held top management positions at Compaq, KPN and Getronics. Erik joined Exact as CEO on March 19, 2012.

As of March 2016, Erik van der Meijden also is interim Managing Director Cloud Solutions.

Onno Krap, CFO

Onno Krap (1965) is the Chief Financial Officer of Exact. Based on the goal of becoming a digital, scalable business, Onno mainly aims the company’s resources at strong growth in Exact’s cloud organization.

Onno Krap has a solid financial background. He holds an MBA in finance of the University of Florida and a Registered Controller degree of the VU University in Amsterdam. Onno started his career at Accenture, where he held a number of positions within the finance consulting group. Via the Applera Corporation, Onno moved to Crucell, where he became CFO. On June 15, 2012, he joined Exact as CFO.

Paul Ramakers, Managing Director Business Solutions

Paul Ramakers (1970) is the Managing Director Business Solutions of Exact.

Paul Ramakers has broad knowledge of the global IT industry and of Exact’s solutions specifically. Right after obtaining his master’s degree in Economics of the VU University in Amsterdam in 1995, Paul joined Exact. He held several executive positions, among which Corporate Strategy Director. In that role he initiated projects that paved the way into becoming a frontrunner in business software in the cloud. Paul was appointed Managing Director Business Solutions and member of the Board of Managing Directors on April 14, 2015.