The 5 biggest advantages of mobile hour entry

Consultants register, on average, 15% fewer hours than they’ve actually spent with their customers. That’s a obviously not ideal from a financial perspective, creating a pressing need to make hour registration simpler for the consultant. The solution? Mobile apps. Here we go into detail, looking at the 5 most important benefits for adopting hour registration via the smartphone.

More often is better

Time sheets in large company systems are often chaotic and far from user-friendly. As a result, you tend to see consultants inclined to avoid the process as often and for as long as possible. This leads to inaccurate registrations that also take far longer than they should to complete. The end result is an overview that gives a poor representation of how much time was actually invested in the customer.

Just 20% of consultants indicate that they record their activities more than once a day, with 18% doing it once. Around 40% do their hour entry once or twice a week, while 22% do their administration only once or twice a month.

A mobile app will allow these people to enter their hours more frequently and more easily. Not just once a month, but multiple times per week. Take away the obstacles to creating accurate information and your time registration will benefit significantly.

Less distance between activity and entry

Time registration is often put off until the last possible minute. We all recognize the phenomenon. The result is people then having to dig deep into their memory banks, looking for notes or e-mails to help them recall exactly what it was they’ve been working on each and every day for the last week, weeks or even months.

An app will help your people to be more proactive with less distance between the activity and the entry. Think about tasks like phone calls or sending an e-mail. We invest at least 28% of our working week on reading and answering mail. An app makes it much easier and more logical to register that time spent immediately on the relevant project, as oppose to first having to access a computer and log into a separate system. Much too much hassle.

Spending time on the right things

A consultant spends an average of 13 minutes per week entering hour information. How much time are your consultants spending on it? The longer the entry is delayed, the more difficult it is to get the information above water, and the more time it takes to fill in the details accurately. Time that could and should be spent working for a customer.

Do a simple calculation yourself – nearly two working days per year are lost to inefficient hour entry. That’s a loss of valuable time that’s easily negated by using a mobile application.

A refined image and user-friendliness

Entering time via a mobile app creates a far more positive impression around your people – something that will also be noticed at customers. Registering the time via a mobile app also offers a much improved user experience. The consultant has all their information continually to hand. Who let’s their phone out of their sight nowadays? It’s now always within reach. That means the search for additional information, or adding a note to a file are both easier than ever before. Be smart with your use of the smartphone!

Integration makes it even better

It’s clear: registering your hours on an app offers a number of benefits. Be careful though – don’t spoil it by having the end result still land in an excel-sheet. Or by not combining it with the planning. Don’t leave people floating in uncertainty, but give them insight and control by fully integrating their hour registration with the planning system and the back office. With the planning to ensure that all known relevant information is included and used. And with the back office so that those registered hours can be set straight through for approval, accurate invoicing and optimized cash flow.