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Deliver projects on time and within budget with Exact's smart solution for Professional Services Organisations. With this solution you are able to fully integrate your project administration and financial processes.

Centralise your project administration and project management with Exact Professional Services Automation. From quote to cash, your processes are aligned perfectly. The results? You are able to manage projects better, control costs, invoice faster and gain time which you can spend on your customers.

  • All projects under control
  • Invoicing efficiently
  • The balance sheet made easy
  • For your International business

All projects under control

The ability to adapt rapidly and make quick decisions is one of the most important features of a successful project organisation. Our software integrates the sale, the planning and the execution of a project. This integration results in an overview that enables you to check on a project’s status and progress, anywhere, anytime. Easy access to correct information improves cooperation and enables you to take the right decision quickly.

  • All project data in one place
    Wherever you are, you will always have access to the information you need. All data are stored centrally and can be consulted from any location via the Internet. You will always be in the know about the current statuses of your projects.
  • Full process integration
    Our software collects data from several departments in one place. This makes the communication between those departments run more smoothly and enables you to provide better service to your clients.

Invoicing efficiently

Let’s be honest: if you send an invoice quickly, you’ll get paid quickly. The central administration of hours and expenses and its integration with the invoicing process enables you to send the correct invoices, and send them quickly.

  • Enter working hours from any location
    Let your employees register their hours and expenses from their respective locations, on their pc, laptop or smartphone—making your administration perpetually precise.
  • Integrated invoicing and hour registration
    Your employees simply enter their working hours into the system. Based on those data, you can easily create and send your invoices.

The balance sheet made easy

Manage your project or portfolio more effectively with a complete and current overview of turnover and costs per client. All project data are saved in one central location and only need to be entered into the system once. You will always have insight into a project’s budget and time registration, thus enabling you to create extensive reports based on solid data.

  • Integrated registration of hours and other project data.
    All project data are saved centrally. This enables you to spot escalations, deviations and budget overruns at a glance so you can step in quickly when needed.
  • Extensive reporting possibilities
    To control your finances, you can use the standard reports or choose to compile your own. Either way, you will easily keep a close eye on all of your projects.
  • A clear overview of a project’s hours and budgets
    Our software enables you to keep an eye on costs, per department. Expenses are detracted from the budget directly and employees can easily enter their working hours online. You can easily check the balance status of a project, and you have the exact information about the project’s profitability. The results are always there to be viewed by you.

For your International business

Exact provides software that brings headquarters and subsidiaries closer together. We deliver solutions to international businesses in a wide variety of industries, including professional services. We help you improve transparency and efficiency as well as sustainable growth.

  • Global player with knowledge of local markets
    We are an international provider of software solutions for small and medium sized businesses. With our global network, we can both support your international business and offer you our knowledge and expertise in local markets, legislation and regulations.
  • Solutions for international professional services organisations (PSO)
    We help international Professional services organisations deliver projects successfully, within budget and on time. Our fully integrated project management solution offers you out-of-the-box, easy to use functionality while remaining low in costs.
  • Global support
    Your Exact software is an important part of your international business. That's why we offer high quality worldwide support and services, all tailored to your needs. Our global coverage means you can always find an Exact expert who truly understands your needs and our solutions. We can provide you with customer support, training, consultancy and assessments. Proven implementation methods give you maximum control and manageability regarding lead time and budgets of the implementation of our solutions. Flexible, in-company training programs will help your staff to use your Exact solution to the fullest.

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