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Make–to–stock, make–to–order, assemble–to–order or mixed mode manufacturing --- deliver quality products, on time, and improve time–to–market speed while cutting costs.

Whether your environment is make–to–stock, make–to–order, assemble–to–order or mixed mode manufacturing, you require a solution that is flexible and responds quickly to changing circumstances. Your customers expect you to deliver quality products on time, and you expect your technology to continuously improve time–to–market speed while cutting costs.

Exact’s Manufacturing enterprise–wide solutions are flexible, easy–to–use and highly adaptable. They go beyond traditional ERP by having visibility into all your business and manufacturing processes. Particularly suited to manufacturers of food and kindred, rubber and miscellaneous plastic, fabricated metal, industrial and commercial machinery and electronic products, your business has an optimal opportunity with Exact for reducing costs and increasing profitability:

  • Closed loop planning and execution based on the latest APICS technologies. Robust materials planning, intuitive
  • scheduling, potent shop floor control capabilities and flexible costing options are specific to discrete manufacturers
  • Graphically maintain Bill of Material, Engineering Changes, and value–added costs with an interactive, intuitive graphical environment that configures material and operational steps
  • Through Engineering Change, track an item’s evolution and see in complete detail every revision of a particular item from its inception
  • Maintain standard, current and projected costs for both accounting and manufacturing management, and pinpoint all standard cost changes quickly to avoid deteriorating profit margins

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