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Exact for HRM

Streamlining routine administration and supporting the employee lifecycle

Trying to find enough time to really be there for your employees? Having your personnel administration properly in order is the essential first step.

Exact for HRM is more than a complete, trustworthy overview. Our software’s automatic signalling, relevant reporting and employee self-service functionality ensure you never need miss important information. With Exact for HRM, you’re free to invest your time in the human capital activities that really deliver value.

Exact Globe and Exact Synergy are the basis of Exact for HRM.

Exact for HRM

  • Save time with leave and absence registration
  • Complete digital dossiers
  • 1 HRM system for the total overview
  • Mobile Self-service App for employees

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Benefits of Exact for HRM

Save time with leave and absence registration

  • Let your employees request their own days off; the manager simply approves them in the system
  • Differentiate clearly between leave for holidays, maternity or care
  • Respond quickly to extended absence thanks to automated signalling

Complete digital dossiers

  • Build a complete digital employee dossier, including all legally required information, contracts and other personal documentation
  • Know what’s going on: all employee activities are visible and can be checked
  • Avoid delaying or failing to capture performance reviews: the system prompts you automatically to complete the process
  • Gain insight in the talent profiles of your employees with review and competency functionality

1 HRM system for the total overview

  • 100% trust in your administration: you work with one overview, and one truth
  • Work with efficiency and flexibility thanks to digital workflows and document management
  • Don’t miss anything important with automated alerts and trustworthy real-time reports
  • Share important, accurate information via the intranet, including news on the business or HR procedures

Mobile Self-service App for employees

  • The system is accessible anytime any place via the internet portal, or the apps for Android, iPhone & Windows Phone.
  • Let your employees update their information themselves – saving time and avoiding misunderstandings
  • Let your employees request their own days off via the app – the manager can then approve them
  • Offer your employees direct insight in their salary slips and other personal documents

Exact Service Essentials

Exact for HRM enables you to optimise all accounting and financial processes for maximum profit. But it’s not just about the software. We want to give you best-in-class customer support. We do this with our service essentials: from analysis and advice to implementation, training and support. This means you reap the maximum from your investment.

Whether you’ve been a customer for years and need to optimise your business accounting software, or you’re thinking of using Exact for HRM, you can join at any phase of our service cycle.

Stories of successful Exact customers:

"Quality requirements, warehousing and administration under control."

Yogi Tea

"With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%"