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User experience design is all about discovering user needs and designing the best solutions to meet them. It is a real growth discipline, so there’s plenty of room for personal growth, too.

UX Design practice at Exact

UX Design practice at Exact

From strategy to surface

Our users are busy people. So we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring our product is as quick and easy to use as it can possibly be. By listening carefully to our customers and analyzing their behavior, we keep improving our products and services to meet their needs.

UX Design at Exact is not only associated with interface and visual design. We know there’s much more to it and therefore we design for all levels of the experience, ranging from strategy to the surface.

Research, design, prototype, test and iterate

Our UX Designers collaborate closely with developers, implementing solutions in sprints. Meanwhile, they also work on longer-term projects, in which they research, discover needs, (re)design, prototype and test ideas, iterating until they are successful from a user perspective.

We use Design Thinking as our standard way of working, in combination with a ‘build, measure, learn’ approach (Lean Startup) and Agile development.

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"Researching user behavior is a constant journey. You go out looking for information, come back with research results, create new designs and go out again to test them."

Dennis Lopez, UX Designer

Be a part of it

We are a team of over 20 User Experience (UX) Designers working on different products and services. The team of UX Designers will continue to grow and mature in the coming years. At Exact, Design Thinking and Doing is crucial.

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