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User experience design is all about enhancing user satisfaction. It is a real growth discipline, so there’s plenty of room for personal growth, too.

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Applying UX Design in an agile environment

UX is at the heart of our products

Our users are busy people. So we put a lot of time and effort into ensuring our product is as quick and easy to use as it can possibly be. By listening carefully to our customers and analyzing their behavior, we keep improving our designs to service them best.

From strategy to surface

UX Design is mostly associated with interface and visual design. Justly so, but there’s much more to it. We define five levels in UX design, ranging from strategic level to the surface.

Research, design, validate, iterate

Our UX Designers collaborate closely with developers, implementing solutions in sprints. Meanwhile, they also work on bigger projects - researching, designing, validating and iterating. This is the most important added value of UX Design, which takes place long before product refinement.

Meet Dennis Lopez, UX Designer:

Researching user behavior is a constant journey. You go out looking for information, come back with research results, create new designs and go out again to test them."

Meet Marco Kastrop, development manager UX Design:

I aim to turn every user into an ambassador of our software from the very first use. To succeed in that, we have to thoroughly understand users, how they use our product and what they expect it to do."

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Value creation cycle

To create uniformity in our approach of UX design, we work according to the value creation cycle. This continuous process is applied to projects of any size and consists of three phases: the discovery phase is about validating the hypothesis, followed by the concept phase during which a concept is created. Thirdly, the production phase in which a solution gets implemented. Once a cycle is completed, it starts all over again.

Be a part of it

Long story short: a lot of cool things are happening at Exact. And you can be a part of it. We are growing at such a high rate that we are continuously looking for talented designers.

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