Grow our business through sales

Sales is not about quick wins. It’s about building lasting relationships.

Understanding customers

Sales is about understanding your customers’ needs. Only if you get that exactly right, you can provide them with the best possible solution. By getting to know our customers we build lasting relationships and anticipate their future needs.

Always in control

What characterizes our sales people, is their entrepreneurial spirit. They are the types that want to be in control. In control of their own time, of their own paycheck and of their own destiny. At Exact, they get the responsibility and freedom to excel in their jobs.

Shoot for the stars

Our sales people are key to our yearly double-digit growth. This is why we challenge them every day to be better than the day before. Our hunger for success is mutual. Each year, we treat our global top performers with a luxury trip. This is our way to say ‘thank you for your dedication!

Be a part of it

Sales at Exact is very diverse. We offer lots of different products to lots of different companies. But two things are always the same: we challenge you to find the best possible solution for each customer and to keep fueling Exact’s fast paced growth.

Are you in for a challenge?

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