"I moved from Germany to the Netherlands for this job. I’m glad I did.”

Sanjeev Bharadwaj, Software Engineer

Being a mobile developer, I see customers as my audience. When I make an app, I am proud of it, so it’s nice to see it used by a lot of people. One of the reasons I wanted to join Exact, was its enormous reach. My work is downloaded and used by thousands of people. How cool is that?

"I moved from Germany to the Netherlands for this job. I’m glad I did."

I am originally from India and I moved from Germany to the Netherlands for this job. My colleagues come from all over the world: ChinaMalaysia, India, the NetherlandsPoland and Vietnam. We work with a buddy system, which pairs a new guy to someone with more experience. My buddy works in Malaysia. We call every day to discuss the daily challenges. In this way, I can help him to get acquainted with the way we work.

We follow the agile scrum methodology, which means we break down our projects into pieces, which we realize during sprints. We used to make two-week sprints, but we extended the cycle to three weeks. This gives more time to evaluate and tie up loose ends. This is very important, as we strive for continuous delivery and automated testing - meaning we have to deliver after every sprint.

"By using a smartphone’s capabilities, we can deliver features that you can only dream of on the web."

The apps we make are more than just a mobile version of our software. They really add functionality. For example, I have developed an app for Apple Watch that allows customers to quickly access their financial overviews. And when Apple introduced the new 3D Touch feature, we immediately integrated it in our app. Now our users can enjoy easy shortcuts for their financial overviews.

Micro-moments are the next big thing in user experience on mobile. This is when people reflexively turn to their device, mostly their phone, to act on a need - for example to upload a hotel reservation. On the web, this would cost several steps, but in our app, if they go to upload, the camera automatically opens and they can go ahead. These micro-moments are increasingly important for customer satisfaction. This is how mobile adds a dimension to our products and services.

"Every time a new device is released, it’s party time for us"

Every time new technologies or new devices are released, it’s party time for us. With the introduction of Apple TV, for example, we received a developer kit from Apple before the product was available in the world. So we started exploring, and built an Exact Online app for it. When Apple TV was actually released, we were among the first companies with an app for it. Living up to such challenges is what drives us.

Developments in mobile go super-fast, so being a full stack mobile developer is very dynamic. It’s an important part of my job to be up to speed on new developments, new releases, new languages and new design patterns. We quickly moved to programming in Swift, a very powerful, ease-to-use language that just feels good. We love it. We also work with React NativeAppiumEarlGreyFastlane and many other interesting developing tools.

"We are fanboys of mobile gadgets"

The Exact management is very passionate about mobile. They understand that it is the future. This puts my team and me in a great place. It makes us proud if we come up with a cool new feature and the company brags about it on Twitter.

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