"Exact is the place to launch your career as a graduate"

Liz Peters, Customer Support Professional

"Customer support is like a breeding ground for talent within Exact"

September last year, I graduated from my study commercial economics. A niece who works in software made me enthusiastic about the sector, so I decided to start looking for a job in that direction. I was aiming for something sales or marketing related, but then I saw a customer support vacancy at Exact.

Support seemed a great department to really get to know the sector. Also, it became clear to me that the customer support division is like a breeding ground for talent within Exact. Lots of people at Exact have started their careers at support and now work throughout the organization. Upsides all around!

"I wondered if I’d be able to provide such detailed guidance to customers"

Before a job interview, it’s common practice to first listen in to several calls of experienced customer support professionals. That way, you get a basic understanding of the job. I remember being overwhelmed by the in-depth knowledge of the supporter and wondered if I’d be able to provide such detailed guidance.

Surely, I was. The first weeks in customer support are all about training. You get to know our products and learn some basic accountancy to understand where our customers come from. After having taken in lots of relevant knowledge, you get assigned a mentor. He listens in to your calls, and you with him. This is a great way to sharpen your communication skills.

"Now, I’m a mentor myself. I like to help new colleagues get up to speed"

There’s a lot more to customer support than meets the eye. People tend to see customer support like a help desk, but it goes way further than that. It’s very challenging really. I like the technical side of it, and the in-depth knowledge you need to help these people out. Customers who’ve worked with our product for over ten years don’t ask silly questions.

Only a few months into my job, I’m now also writing training programs. That’s how fast it can go. Helping new colleagues get up to speed is as rewarding as helping customers overcome their challenges.

Our team is divided over Exact offices in Delft, Zwolle and Eindhoven. We have daily contact to exchange knowledge about specific questions we receive. Also, we meet every last Friday of the month to go out for diner and drinks. That’s great fun, especially since most of us are about the same age. We’re really a close team, even though we work all over the country.

"If you’re clear about your ambitions, pretty much anything goes at Exact"

Exact is a company that offers lots of career opportunities. If you’re clear about your ambitions, pretty much anything goes. I am thinking about moving towards consultancy, as I really like helping people solve complex challenges. In a consultancy role, you get to do exactly that, but with more live contact with customers.

Exact is a very open company in several ways. If you enter our Delft office, you step into the large, open atrium, which is quite impressive. But as an organization too, it’s very open. Everybody is very easy going and colleagues are always ready to help each other out. It’s a great place to get your career started!

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