"After my internship at Exact, I got offered a job straight away.”

Jennifer Vink, Data Engineer

I joined Exact in February 2015. I’d seen a vacancy for a data scientist and figured they might have room for an intern in that field as well. They did, and I got the spot. After I graduated in the summer, I was offered a job on the new customer intelligence team. With two Italians, a Chinese, a New Zealander and me as a Dutchy, we’re a pretty international bunch. The team consists of a customer intelligence analyst, two data scientists and two data engineers – one of which is me.

"Analyzing data is really just like making a puzzle. I take pieces out of the big box and see if they fit."

As a team, it is our job to gather and analyze behavior data. This data has been anonymized to avoid the violation of anyone's privacy. Our intentions are to better understand and service our customers. I love working with numbers, which is exactly what I get to do all day. I have this box with an infinite amount of data in which I have to find the right pieces and put them together. It’s like making a giant puzzle. This is how I translate a blur of numbers into a comprehensible graph or diagram. In that form it makes sense to my colleagues in design, sales or support, so they can use it.

At the beginning of any day, it’s quite hard to predict what I’ll be doing. If one of the data scientists discovers a certain set of data is flawed, it’s my job to discover what went wrong and to fix it. This may sound easy, but takes a lot of effort. We have thousands and thousands of datasets coming from lots of different sources. If, for example, one source labels a certain dataset as UK, while another dataset uses GB, flaws will occur. This takes 5 seconds to fix, but might take a day to find.

"I learn by doing. Every day again. My colleagues are always ready to help out if I have questions."

My study business mathematics in Delft was quite theoretical. Back then, I didn’t know a job like this even existed. The things I’ve learned in university have been a useful basis, but I’ve developed so many new skills since I started working at Exact. There are so many specialized, intelligent people who are all more than happy to help if you have a question.

With the oldest member of the customer intelligence team being 34, we’re all still quite young and growing. We really learn by doing. Yet we get to have quite an impact on the organization and report directly to Exact’s technology director. If we have any questions, he’s always there to support us, yet we have a lot of freedom to make our own choices and to find out what works and what doesn’t.

"Data analysis will change the way in which we do business. It’s very exciting to be a part of that change!"

My team is working on countless applications. Data analysis is the future of doing business. Becoming a data-driven company will enable us to service our customers much better and on a much more personal level. I think it will change pretty much anything we do. I am very excited to be a part of that change!

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