"Exact isn’t somewhere to simply start your career as an it graduate, it is the place to launch it."

Ferzata Aprilidwiano Yoedhata, Software Engineer

The two month Graduate Development Program helped me fulfill my tasks

I graduated in 2016 with a major in computer science. I learnt how to code, database and I gained plenty of knowledge about information systems whilst studying. During my internship I learnt all about .Net, I realized that I am passionate about it and that I hoped I could continue working with it in the future.

I heard about Exact before I graduated

I have been living in Malaysia since 2011 and my friends there told me about Exact. They told me that it is a multinational company, which is well-managed and has a good work-life balance. When they told me that the company works with the .Net framework and AGILE Software Development Methodology (SCRUM), I knew that I wanted to join Exact to further enhance my software development skills.

I’m falling in love with programming!

I am currently part of the localization France team. As VAT returns are a never-ending project, we have to make changes each year based on the French laws. Whilst researching this we engineered a new solution and added new functionalities to existing solutions based on business needs. We also managed to find and solve software bugs from medium to complex business software applications.

When everyone is willing to help each other you can accomplish great things!

We usually start our working day off with a short stand-up meeting, during which we share what we have done the previous day and what's next on the agenda. We formulate the problems we face, so that every team member can contribute to solving them. At the moment, we are working with the agile method which is intended to end the PBI (product backlog items). This includes coding, reviewing, testing and merging. At the end of the sprint we will showcase the results to the product owner and stakeholder.

Growing a little each day

Exacts multidisciplinary, international teams which collaborate closely with technical and functional design are very inspiring to me. I'm always up for a challenge and have the curiosity, open mind and willingness to learn new things.

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