"Motivated colleagues are the key to good service”

Bas Reepmaker, Team Leader Customer Support

"Good service starts with happy and motivated people"

When I tell people I work at customer support, they often think I answer calls of angry customers all day. But this image is far from true. In reality, the job is very diverse and challenging. I have dedicated contacts for whom I function like an account manager. I proactively reach out to them, by phone and in person.

As a team leader, I believe happy and motivated people are the key to good service. That is why we are always looking for ways to keep it interesting for them. For example, we have deliberately chosen to have the people answering the phone also actually solve the problems they encounter. This makes their job diverse, while our customers feel that they’re talking to experts – and thus that they are taken seriously.

"I’m the type of guy that friends go to when something’s up"

To be a good customer supporter, helping people should come natural. I’m the type of guy that friends and family go to when something’s up. That goes for most of my colleagues as well. We’re all team players, which makes for a great vibe within the team.

Helping customers starts with making them feel heard and understood. So apart from being helpful and kind, being able to communicate clearly is crucial to the job. I would say this is 70% of the job. The rest is knowledge of bookkeeping and knowing your way around IT.

"We are a very diverse bunch of people"

As there are no specific education requirements for customer supporters, the backgrounds of the people working here vary greatly. Of course it helps to have some basic understanding of business administration or bookkeeping, but due to the extensive in-house training, this is no requirement. As we service customers from all over the world, we also have a broad range of nationalities in our team. So as a whole, we’re a pretty diverse bunch.

"Thanks to the in-house training I keep developing myself"

Exact offers a lot of room for personal growth. Our training center, the Exademy, offers a broad variety of trainings: management traineeships, communications courses, project management, project based working. Exact facilitates and encourages its people to keep developing themselves. There are new things to learn every day.

Eventually, I aim to grow to management level. Maybe in support, maybe in another department: consultancy or sales seem interesting to me as well. Either way, I don’t see myself leaving Exact anytime soon.

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