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We are always looking for ways to make better products, delivered faster.

Software Engineering

To be a developer or software engineer at Exact, is to shape the future of our cloud business software. We are constantly looking for ways to make better products, delivered faster. To provide our customers with the best service imaginable, we strive to be a truly data-driven company.

International environment

Working at Exact is working in a dynamic, international environment. Being a global company, we attract talented people from all around the globe. We have over 30 scrum teams consisting of highly skilled people with varying backgrounds. They might actually even be on different sides of the world, as we work with distributed teams as well.

Be smart about it

Exact has been growing and will continue to grow so fast, that it is vital to organize our way of working in a scalable way. Increasingly, we work according to the DevOps principles of continuous delivery and continuous integration: if you build it, you run it. This enables us to quickly respond to new situations and gives developers a lot of freedom and responsibility.

"The hackathon fever is never far away at Exact. It’s great to see what development teams can pull off in just 48 hours. And it shows how important team spirit is in creating software."

Ken Leong Lee, Development manager

Mobile developer

"Every time new technologies or new devices are released, it’s party time for us. We explore everything to see if we can use it. When Apple TV was released, we were among the first companies with an app for it."

Sanjeev Bharadwaj, Mobile developer

"Some of the major projects I have worked on, originated from casual talk over a beer. At Exact, you see your ideas come to life."

Shamin Khurana, Principal Infrastructure & Operations

Principal Infrastructure & Operations

Be a part of it

Long story short: a lot of cool things are happening at Exact. And you can be a part of it. We are growing at such a high rate that we’re continuously looking for talented developers.

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