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Thirty years ago, six students launched Exact as a garage start-up. Now we are a global company with 1,450 employees in 14 countries. We love the energy of fast-growing companies. We love the bumpy road of innovation.

Our Mission

Exact empowers SMEs to be the driving force of the global economy. We provide ambitious entrepreneurs and accountants with the technology and services they need to grow beyond their limits. With our software, platforms and ecosystem SMEs can realize their full potential.

Sponsor of Fierce Ambition

Max Verstappen is focused on his goal to become world champion. He has the powerful drive for constant progress. It’s his winning mentality that has gotten him to where he is now. That mentality, that fierce power to keep improving, is what we recognize and sponsor.

Fierce Ambition of Exact

This winning mentality is embodied in our ambition to become a global top-3 player with cloud business software for SMEs. And it’s the same mindset we encourage our talented employees to embrace and look for in new talents.




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Business software in the cloud

Exact offers business software in the cloud for smaller and larger sized companies.
serving a wide range of branches and supporting multiple business processes.

Low-cost online software for SMEs & accountants, with plans for project organizations, manufacturers and wholesalers.

  • Integrated Accounting, CRM and industry solutions that run 100% in the cloud.
  • Access all business data from anywhere on any internet-enabled device.
  • Sign up to a flexible monthly plan within minutes.
  • No software to install or update. Just sign in and start working.

Integrated ERP, financial, CRM, HRM and BPM software for larger or more complex businesses.

  • Can be installed on-premise or run in a private cloud.
  • Provides anywhere, anytime online access - even on your mobile device.
  • Quickly implemented, fully customizable and available in 40 languages.
  • Purchase it up-front or subscribe to a monthly plan.