Soolaf Alharky
Software Engineer

"Exact offered me a new opportunity."

In late 2018, Soolaf Alharky fled from Syria to the Netherlands. After learning how to program through the Hack Your Future foundation, she ended up at Exact. "The different cultures and backgrounds at Exact made me feel at home.”

Hack Your Future

In Syria, Soolaf worked as a math teacher. After she fled to the Netherlands, she had to make a new start. She had to get used to s new language, a new culture, but also the weather and Dutch food. But her love for numbers remained. That's how she ended up in the program Hack Your Future. "At Hack Your Future, refugees are trained to become full-stack web developers within 7 months." After completing it, she was given the opportunity to apply to Exact, a partner of Hack Your Future. "An incredibly exciting moment. This was my very first job application for a new role in a new country with different customs and in a different language. But I really saw this as a second chance and went for it."

From Mathematician to Software Engineer

With success! Soolaf has enjoyed working as a Software Engineer within Exact's UX Development Team since 2019. "As a Software Engineer, I work on the front-end. I worked on redesigning the login page and navigation menu of Exact Online." Soon, Soolaf will make the move to a new team as a back-end developer. "I want to keep growing."

Her background as a mathematician has certainly helped Soolaf within her role. "I am convinced that you don't necessarily have to become what you studied for. You learn something from each study and experience that you can apply to a new job. As a Software Engineer, for example, you are busy solving problems. And that's what mathematics is all about, after all.”


It's not just the numbers that make Soolaf feel completely at home at Exact. "I really felt welcome here. There are many people working here with different backgrounds, traditions, and cultures. That's why I quickly felt at ease. It's nice to see that this is also encouraged by Exact. We celebrate Easter, New Year's Eve but also Ramadan, for example.”


Soolaf also finds the support she gets at Exact a big plus. "Exact really wants you to keep growing as a person. Something I found a bit challenging in the beginning. But you are not alone. You get support from all sides, also with non-work-related issues. This gives me the confidence to develop myself, see opportunities and take chances. And that is a nice feeling.

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