Mike Daniels
Delivery Project Manager

"Exact is willing to invest in your personal growth."

Mike Daniels joined Exact as a Delivery Project Manager in March 2019. He ensures that implementation projects such as those for the Globe and Synergy software get delivered as agreed. Mike first came to Exact as a Project Management intern at the Communications department in 2014. He subsequently worked as a Project Manager at the Design department, Brand Communications Project Manager and Customer Support Specialist. He believes his current role will continue to engage his interest for years to come.

Wanting to Work for Exact

When Mike was still a student in Small Business and Retail Management at Rotterdam University of Applied Science, he decided he'd love to work at Exact, as he'd heard many good things about the company. He successfully applied for an internship as a Brand Communications Project Manager, in which role he completed his five-month Bachelor's thesis with flying colours.

Permanent Contract

Now Mike wanted to be hired by Exact. And he was – at the Brand Communications department, initially through a temp agency and after a few months, as a permanent employee. There he ensured that requests for communications were referred to the correct specialists and that deliveries happened in a timely fashion. He was also involved in various Communications projects.

Interest in Consultancy

"However", says Mike, "to be frank, in 2017 I decided I wanted something different, as letters aren't my thing at all." Through various marketing and sales workshops, he developed an interest in consultancy. "At first I thought I'd need to move to a different company, so I sent out some job applications. However, I didn't really want to leave Exact, as I love both my colleagues and the way they work here."

Lack of Experience

Thanks to the internal focus of his Corporate Communications role, Mike had made acquaintances throughout the company. "A conversation gave me confidence in Exact's willingness to try me as a Synergy consultant, despite my lack of experience." In order to be able to perform this role well, Mike first spent a year working in Support. There, he got to know the software inside out, but he missed the project management he'd done previously at Brand Communications. On 1 March 2019, a vacancy for a Delivery Project Manager opened up and Mike jumped at the chance. The job allows him to use both his project management skills and product knowledge. "It's fantastic", he beams. "I thrive on project management's fast, occasionally frenetic pace." "I like that Exact is willing to invest in your personal growth even if that means a move to a different department."


Mike works in the office as part of a team of colleagues. "My colleagues will always make time to help, even when they're busy." He also works with the customer's project manager, mainly by phone. Sometimes, he will visit a customer to discuss a project.

What do you do to relax between tasks?

"Usually a bit of a chat and a coffee with colleagues. I'm on standby at all times, though. Sometimes a day can go from quiet to hectic just like that, if things aren't running as they should at the customer, for example."

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