Madawa Rajapaksha
Online Marketeer

"At Exact, I test and use the latest marketing tools."

When Madawa Rajapaksha was originally offered the opportunity to work as an Online Marketeer for Exact, he declined. He assumed a business software supplier would be insufficiently challenging. Seven months later, he was contacted again, this time by a recruiter who didn't reveal the company in question. Instead, he focused on what the position involved: the independent set-up, roll-out and monitoring of an entire campaign with your team. That piqued Madawa's interest and he agreed to an interview… at Exact! He's enjoyed his job and its many facets for a year now. 

Conversion as the Goal

As an Online Marketeer, Madawa uses display and search ads to present the right product to the right visitors at the right time. His goal is conversion on Exact's website, resulting in a demo, trial or download of a white paper or brochure. Campaigns for smaller enterprises are brief and effective, says Madawa. "Thanks to the appropriate use of marketing tools, lots of the leads get converted into customers. Campaigns focusing on larger companies are more extensive and longer-lasting, as the purchasing cycle is longer than that for an online software subscription."


Madawa works in a scrum team at the head office in Delft. He mainly works alongside the other members of his team – another online marketeer, two content managers and a web specialist. Madawa and his colleagues work on always-on and themed campaigns in sprints of two or, occasionally, four weeks. During daily stand-ups they discuss the progress of the sprint, the day's tasks and help each other out as needed.

Multidisciplinary Teams

Madawa's online marketing efforts are quite effective, and this will only improve with the new technical possibilities offered by tools such as Google's Marketing Platform. "The world of online marketing is in constant flux. That's what I love about this field. Exact adopts and tests new tools to optimise their effectiveness. That's why Google and LinkedIn often invite us for trial runs of beta versions. We work in a multidisciplinary team, with data specialists as well. That means we can track everything continuously, adapting our campaigns instantly in response to any new insights generated by the data." 

Fantastic Tools

Madawa's image of Exact as a dull bunch of bookkeepers proved to be completely wrong. "Exact offers fantastic tools for rapid progress, with a flexible website. We're located right next to the Web team, who can implement changes quickly. That allows us to deploy our ads more effectively, at a lower cost."

What do you do to relax between tasks?

Madawa: "I make coffee. There's a nice professional-grade machine in the atrium where I practice my skills as a barista. I like making latte art. The secret is not to let the milk foam up too much. To create good latte art, you need micro-bubbles, invisible to the naked eye. Thick, silky foam produces the best works of art. That was quite difficult in the beginning as this machine is so powerful. I've managed to become quite proficient, though."

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