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Jennifer Vink
Data Analyst

"Data analysis is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. I retrieve pieces from a big box and figure out how they fit."

In 2015 Jennifer Vink was looking for an internship. She saw a vacancy for a Data Scientist at Exact and figured they might be willing to accommodate an intern as well. We were and she got that internship. After completing her studies she was offered a position on the newly formed Customer Intelligence team as a Data Engineer. She jumped at the chance.  

Solving Puzzles

Jennifer loves working with numbers, and that's exactly what she gets to do all day. "I have a big box filled with endless amounts of data that I must retrieve and fit together just right. It's like solving an enormous jigsaw puzzle. I transform an amorphous mass of data into clearly understandable graphs and charts." That turns it into useful information for colleagues from Design, Sales or Support to employ in their daily work. 

Every Day Is Different

It's always hard to predict what a new day will bring. When one of the data scientists discovers that a certain data set contains errors, it's up to Jennifer to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it. It's harder than it might sound. There are thousands of data sets from a wide variety of sources. If one source labels a specific data set as UK, while another uses GB, that leads to errors. Fixing it is a matter of minutes, but finding it in the first place can take all day. 

Learning by Doing

Jennifer's team is quite a young one. They truly learn by doing and report directly to Exact's Chief Technology Officer. He's always ready to help out with any questions. Even so, the team is given lots of freedom to make their own decisions and to find out for themselves what will or won't work.

Data Analysis

Jennifer's team works on many different applications. "Data analysis is the future when it comes to doing business. By becoming a data-driven company, we can provide our customers with a much better and more personalised service. I think it will impact almost all of what we do. I'm very pleased to be a part of that change!"


Twice a day, Erik and his team break for coffee at the espresso bar in the atrium, where they talk about anything but work. "That builds team spirit. I also regularly go for a run between tasks. It helps clear my mind and keeps me creative. I love the fact that Exact offers such an excellent work-life balance."
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