Your business

Exact offers appropriate solutions for your company. We know your line of business and the company processes involved.

Financial processes

Creativity creates value, but this takes time. You can free up more time by having all your repetitive work automated. This will in turn allow you to improve the advice you give as an accountant, controller or CFO.

People & Payroll

As an HRM professional you want to add value with a strategic HR policy. With an innovative system you have the time and the necessary insight into your personnel and organization to realize this.

Sales, services & marketing

Customers are central to every successful business. It is therefore logical to be able to easily access and update all information you have about your customers in one place. This means that all your employees have access to the same, current appointments and history. Your customers will not only experience this as pleasant - a consistent and personal customer approach - across all channels, digital and off-line - is a prerequisite for a sustainable and successful customer relationship.


The opportunities in the market are growing fast. The trick is to take maximum advantage of the growth in your market, while the processes for running your business remain simple and clear. By standardizing and optimizing your project administration, your production and logistics processes, and of course your accounting, you not only work on your cost structure, with better results as a result, but you also make time to concentrate on the growth of your company.

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