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Spring'21 Release: new additions to Purchase 2 Pay

Spring'21 Release Purchase 2 Pay

With the Spring'21 release, we have once again added many innovations to our products, including Purchase 2 Pay. Find out what we have updated and improved to help you work even more efficiently and get a better grip on your figures.

Added export functionality of Budget module

Now you can export all the budgets you filtered in Purchase to Pay. If the download file is too large, an email with a download link is automatically sent to the logged-in user.


Reconciled payments from Exact Online now available in Purchase 2 Pay

Do you use Exact Online in combination with Purchase to Pay? In that case, reconciled payments from Exact Online will be visible in Purchase to Pay. The payment with the payment date, bank account number, amount and payment reference are shown for each reconciled payment.

Modified system for reading mailboxes

From the last release 821.3.1, mailboxes are read via Oauth (Graph) as Microsoft has stated that Exchange can no longer be used in conjunction with Office 365. Microsoft Graph allows Office 365 applications to work even more closely together. Graph is already available for a large number of Office 365 applications and is constantly being updated with new functionalities.

Supplementary instructions have been added to the release email for version 821.3.1. This is also included in version 821.2.2.

OCR recognition capability expanded

XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a standard for converting information in an XML document into another format or an XML document with a different structure. This is often used for conversions into XHTML, WML and PDF to capture invoices. A number of variants have now been added to this standard:

The file from the OCR application can now be supplemented with "AdministrationName". This allows Proquro/Exact Purchase 2 Pay to recognise the correct enterprise. Please note that the default administration is not ticked for the Inbox stream, as it would otherwise take precedence.

You can now also search for the term "credit". In doing so, the scanning software will automatically make the amount negative. If you want to use this option, you must first sent up the OCR application appropriately. If you would like to make use of this service, please contact customer support.

Spring’21 Release

Every quarter we inform you about our latest product innovations and developments. This allows you to get the most out of your Exact software. Discover all the innovations we’ve presented in the Spring'21 Release.

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