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Purchase to Pay: Innovations for more insight and convenience

Purchase to Pay: Innovations for more insight and convenience

At Exact, we are constantly innovating to optimally support companies in keeping a grip on their numbers and making the right decisions. In our Winter'21 Release, we introduced new innovations for our various solutions, including Purchase to Pay..

Functionalities to support Belgian legislation

Now, you can add a bank transfer with a structured communication (OGM) to an invoice. This method of communication is often used in Belgium to process bank transfers automatically. This way, the recipient’s computer system knows immediately which invoice is paid, and no one has to check which bills need to be paid. The OGM number is hidden by default and can be activated via the invoice field screen. With this functionality, we now support the Belgian legislation. 

In addition, you can now also use the Peppol functionality and non-final invoices.

Partial acceptance now also available in Classic

Starting with this release, you can take over the amount of the booking line, which is waiting for acceptance of the order line, as a (partial) acceptance. This function is already present in Zero and now also available in Classic. The operation of (partial) acceptance has not changed; only an extra option has been added that makes it easier to finalise an entry that is awaiting acceptance.

Adjustments in various modules:

In the invoice module:

  • You can now see how many attachments are linked to an invoice.
  • When you change a dimension in the screen Modify booking lines, a checkmark is automatically placed in front of the line that has been changed.
  • It is now easier to see when data has become inactive when searching for invoices.


In the budget module:

  • Each individual user can indicate his own favourite budget.
  • Individual users can add extra columns to the detail screen using the configuration button. This button can be made visible by turning on the SHOW_ORDERFORM_CONFIGURE feature.
  • The status of an obligation is visible.

End of support for Internet Explorer

Finally, we advise you to stop using the browser Internet Explorer (IE). IE has not had any major updates since the introduction of Microsoft Edge in 2015. For the best possible user experience, we recommend that you use modern browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome. As of version 821.1, which became available in January 2021, the Purchase to Pay software is no longer tested in combination with Internet Explorer.

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