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New user interface in Purchase to Pay

New user interface in Purchase to Pay

We have given the Purchase to Pay user interface a new look and feel. Find out more about what we have done and how this can benefit you.

New user interface

We have given the Purchase to Pay user interface a new look and feel. Features such as the menu structure and table display have been adjusted in this new interface. The standard Purchase to Pay style sheet can also be enhanced with the organisation's own corporate colours and the Proquro/Exact logo can be replaced with the customer's own logo. You can activate the new user interface from release 821.5.1.

In addition to the updated appearance, the following adjustments have been made:

  • The “Request name” (order) field is recognised for incoming UBL invoices via the Inbox. The “Request name” field is often used for the external order number from a link with an FMIS or other application, for example. How does it work? The application first searches for the internal order number. If that number is not found, the application checks whether any text has been entered in the “Request name” field.
  • Under management, the system parameters are now subdivided into tabs for each module.
  • You can change the default country for the application. This means that foreign customers will no longer have the Netherlands selected as the default country.

Autumn’21 Release

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