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Professional Services

Your customers become more demanding. They stipulate competitive prices, expect direct results and keep a close eye on deadlines. At the same time, the competition in your industry is fiercer than ever. In the capacity of professional services provider, you are challenged to increase efficiency, improve your project management and integrate your business processes, to keep profit margins up.

  • Know what your vendors do.
  • Effective project management.
  • Professionalise your business.

Know what your vendors do

Relationship management and acquisition are highly time-consuming. Also, it’s difficult to influence the acquiring process. It’s often beyond your control whether a new assignment comes your way. On the other hand, insight in all sales activities enables you to forecast your capacity requirements. And centrally recorded information allows you to you gain insight in agreements between you and your customers. That saves you from quite some uncertainty afterwards. Because this way, your sales activities interact with your project organisation.

Effective project management

On a daily basis you deal with demanding customers, rush jobs, and interim project changes. Meanwhile, you keep track of the number of billable hours, you control costs, and you are busy avoiding budget exceeding. But business operations information is scarce. To optimise your project management, it is reliable operational information you need. Integration of all business processes in one solution, instantly provides you with a sufficient degree of information to take the right decisions in all of your projects.

Professionalise your business

When it comes to ICT, many companies in professional services work with multiple software applications across different departments. Maintenance activities and keeping data sources up-to-date require a lot more time and resources that you can probably ill afford. Flexibility is often also miles away. A single integrated solution for your complete business processes, gives you real-time insight into your entire business.

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