Monitor business activity and lower your risks with Exact Event Manager

Efficient business activity monitoring ensures that you respond optimally to developments in your business environment. Exact Event Manager helps you keep track of business-critical “events” and define automatic responses based on pre-defined criteria. As a result, you become aware of issues before they become larger problems, reduce human error and save time. The benefits include decreased cost, increased customer satisfaction, and greater productivity.

In today’s highly competitive world, keeping costs to an acceptable level, and maintaining margins is a constant challenge, yet research shows that on average hours a day are spent searching for information, manually checking on activities, manually following up to see whether actions have been taken. This costs money. But there are tools, like Exact Event Manager, that can help in this area. Equally one of the key differentiators in today’s market is Customer Service, and anything that can assist in providing a better service to customers is always welcome.

Business Activity Monitoring

A Business activity monitoring tool like Exact Event Manager, can assist in monitoring “events” and “non-events”, that can trigger immediate actions, so that whenever something changes or doesn’t change based on rules you set, the system automatically triggers actions, such as notifications, workflows or the automatic distribution of information and documents. This reduces manual tasks and human errors, and also can be tailored to inform the right people at the right time. It will help you manager your business more efficiently and reduce risks by detecting potential problems early. Exact Event Manager as a Business Activity Monitoring enables you to:

  • Build triggers to generate alerts across your entire IT infrastructure
  • Manage customer accounts and instigate dialog
  • Automate your sales force and supply chain initiatives
  • Renew employee benefit renewals without the need for HR intervention
  • Track product lifecycles by automatically recording critical components at inventory levels
  • Generate alerts for risk management by establishing business event notifications of past due contracts, invoices and deliveries
  • Prevent production bottlenecks
  • Manage budgets, supplier project bids and binding service estimates
  • Automate email invoices and inventory tracking

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