Work smarter: take full advantage of your Synergy and Event Manager investment

Many of you have licenses for Synergy and Event Manager, but are you taking full advantage of these powerful tools? Synergy is an umbrella solution with a wealth of possibilities that helps you to manage the interaction around your business transactions. It can bring connected insights to your business. Event Manager can help you to monitor your business better, creating alerts, distributing exception reports, highlighting deviations from the norm based upon your rules. There could be built in functionality sitting idle that can take your organisation to the next level. So, are you getting the maximum benefit these powerful solutions offer?

Manage your processes & your data

Everybody wants to find the right information fast. Whether you are working with planning, an investment choice or customer information. On average, employees spend more than an hour every day searching for the right information or person in possession of it. That disrupts your processes. When the right information is available, everyone knows what to do & when to act.

If your colleagues don't tell you what they are working on, if opportunities or challenges are not visible, or if processes don't run smoothly, how can you move forward? A well organised operation enabling good cooperation is the basis for success. You need to know who is doing what at any given time. That is the only way to take action when necessary, whether you need to seize an opportunity or avoid a risk. Synergy and Event Manager can assist in this process by:

  • Improving customer focus and coordinate activities
  • Streamline finance and accounting
  • Simplify HR with employee and manager self-service
  • Ensuring that document-intensive processes are supported throughout your business
  • Helping project managers staying in sync with each other
  • Ensuring clarity of ownership and providing insight into who is responsible for the next step with built-in workflows

If you would like to find out more about how you could utilise your Synergy and Event Manager solutions better, to achieve better outcomes, either talk to your consultant, or join us at our upcoming customer day where we will be sharing some examples of how you can work smarter with the Exact toolset.


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