Digital transformation and HR: a look into the crystal ball

Digital transformation and HR: a look into the crystal ball

Digital transformation, robotization, artificial intelligence. The impact of technological developments is high on the strategic agenda of many companies. What does this period of transformation mean for HR professionals? And what role are we expected to take?

Employees and HR will undergo dramatic changes in the next few years. Digitisation and automation require employees to work in a new manner. If we are to believe the promise of robotization, we’ll lose our jobs to machines. Should we only be preparing for the negative aspects, or do these developments also offer new opportunities?

We are currently undergoing a period of transformation and a crystal ball is required to predict what the future will bring us, our employees, organisations and the HR sector as a whole. We can guess what the impact will be, but we don’t really know, yet we will have to anticipate. On the one hand, HR professionals should assume the role of business partner, following developments and seeing how these affect both the organisation and its employees. After all, nobody wants to end up in the situation faced by BHS department stores. On the other hand, we want employees to take control of their own future. What do you do when people look at robots with indifference, believing 'that it won’t happen all that quickly’? This instantly leads to the following question: who should lead the way in ‘lifelong learning’ and retraining employees? Is it the government, the employee or HR? And who should pay for this?

While you are busy preparing and keeping your staff ready for a digital future, therefore, it is important to consider where the role of HR is going. Automation has simplified processes and freed up time. But haven’t we drifted too far from people? Especially when you consider that it is actually our human and creative characteristics that will soon distinguish us from the robots?

In the coming weeks, we will delve further into a number of issues - because each issue will have its own impact on the future.

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