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Exact Australia software's webinars/videos

The Fierce Ambition series

Some companies are achieving larger growth & greater profitability than the industry average?
What are they doing differently?

Webinar (Pre-Recorded Video): Driving To Operational Excellence

This pre-recorded Webinar/Video is presented by Steve Shorten in English Language. This Webinar that looks at some research around what business leaders are focused on, and what are some of the keys to success,

  • Innovation – Managing Complexity – Aligning IT with the Business
  • Improving the Customer experience – Improved Planning & Delivery Performance
  • Operational Excellence – Business Processes, Collaboration, Access to Information

Webinar (Pre-Recorded Video): Time as a Competitive Weapon

This pre-recorded Webinar/Video is presented by Steve Shorten in English Language.

This Webinar that explores time based competition a little deeper and discusses some ideas and approaches on how you can improve the consumption of time.

Webinar (Pre-Recorded Video): Introduction to Exact Synergy

This pre-recorded Webinar/Video is presented by Kenny Hong in English Language.

Exact Synergy: workflow and document management software

Exact Synergy is the ultimate solution to manage your business processes. With its broad functionalities, it lets all disciplines within your organisation benefit by making existing processes measurable and transparent. At the same time, it lets you work on your collective memory: one single source of knowledge and information.

During this Pre-recorded webinar we take you through several inspiring examples of how Synergy can enhance your organisation even further. A few examples of possible functionalities are:

  • Workflow management and automation, signalling and alerts
  • Fully integrated document management and archiving
  • Project management and administration
  • Templates for HR, sales and other business processes
  • Full integration with Exact for Finance and ERP
  • Always and everywhere accessible on your mobile devices
  • Do you want to know what Exact Synergy can offer your organisation?

Find out what the benefits of Exact Synergy are during our 1 hour of webinar. We introduce you to the platform through a live demonstration and several case studies.

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Webinar (Pre-Recorded Video): Exact for CRM and Workflow Management

This pre-recorded Webinar/Video is presented by Kenny Hong in English Language.

Achieving CRM Excellence with Workflow Management

Exact for CRM brings down the barriers between sales, marketing, finance, support and all the other departments that come into regular contact with your customers. The web-based CRM system offers you an organisation-wide source of information. Thanks to document management and workflows you can be certain that all employees are properly informed and contribute towards sustainable relationships with your customers. With the app, you can be confident of always having access to the very latest information and you will never miss a sales opportunity again! The webinar takes you through the main drivers of CRM Excellence with specific examples given on how the CRM lifecycle manages:

  • Marketing and Leads Management
  • Leads Generation
  • Opportunities Management
  • Helpdesk Support

Watch our live demonstration and discover how the Exact for CRM is beneficial to your organisation:

  • 100% insight into real-time information
  • Offer your customers more service
  • With the full integration with Exact for Finance, ERP and HRM, everyone works in one central system with the same set of information
  • Complete control from first contact to invoicing
  • Instant access to information with the CRM App
  • Greater execution power for sales

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Field Service Management in Action

This pre-recorded Webinar/Video is presented by Kenny Hong in English Language.

Your customers expect the rapid and expert servicing of the products and equipment they buy from you. Exact Service Management helps you to deliver outstanding service with quicker response times and the ability to assign the right engineer to the job. Service contracts will become profitable and you’ll have a key service advantage over your competitors.

Above all, you’ll make your customers’ lives a whole lot easier by minimizing equipment downtime. Improve your service provision with Exact Service Management and our Field Service App. Achieve greater insight, work more efficiently and create greater customer focus.

The webinar demonstrates the key areas of our field service management solution. They include:

  1. Knowledge Base – or a repository of knowledge compiled by experienced field engineers for future reference, training or troubleshooting exercises
  2. The management of tools covering request, allocation, transfer and return of high value tools
  3. The Step-by-Step process of service operations
  4. The monitoring of the Service business via a built-in dashboard

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Exact Private Cloud

This pre-recorded Webinar/Video is presented by Maarten Raeymaekers in English Language

Your trusted Exact Software environment in the Private Cloud!

In Exacts data centres, highly educated professionals manage the IT equipment. They take care of the updating, patching and monitoring of the machines to guarantee uptime. We do this to offer you Exact Software’s services which are core to running your business. The core of this services offering is securing your information, so that only you have access to your data.

Stories of successful Exact customers:

"Quality requirements, warehousing and administration under control."

Yogi Tea

"With Exact Globe, we have been able to reduce our reporting time by 20%."