Welcome in the world of Wholesale & Distribution

The world of distribution and logistics is constantly changing.

Retailers are becoming even more powerful. Customers want to receive smaller shipments. The current internet and mobility trends change the rules of doing business. Supply chains are at the core of doing businesses. Boundaries are fading. Margins are pressurized. You are being challenged to go along with the ever changing market. How do you manage this?

On this page we share insights and advice to help you play the game even better. Insights come straight from our own specialists and independent experts on the subject give their advice as well. The practical advice we receive from ambitious entrepreneurs like you: our clients.

On this page you can also read several articles of different experts on subjects like the Supply Chain, Smart Industry and reference-stories from clients like Bugaboo and many more.

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Exact, your business partner

Branches and/or warehouses in Belgium? Also in Germany? Or China? We do too. Exact was founded 30 years ago by six students in the city of Delft. Today we are an international business with 1.550 colleagues in 15 different countries. Our ERP-solutions are used by more than a 100 countries and around a 1.000.000 users in a dozen of different languages.

Make your work more efficient and produce positive margins with the diverse and complete business software of Exact. Your inventory management, warehouse management, logistics and financial processes can be easily controlled, your own web shop can be set-up easily and the software brings your service to a whole new level. We have a lot of experience in logistics and we have a large international network where you can profit from! You will get the support you need, with expert knowledge in the right language. Better your position as wholesaler for the present and the future!

Brochure Exact for Wholesale

Brochure - Exact for Wholesale

The whole world is online. That’s why entrepreneurs all around you are investing heavily in mobile technology. You want to be able to work anytime, anywhere. Is your company ready for a new reality of around-the-clock access to the latest data?

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