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Get the most out of Exact with HRM

Finance and HR are taking the lead in strategic and organisational decisions. If we want to turn HR into a genuine business partner, we have to stop thinking of it as a facilitating business unit but see it as a data-driven department focussed on staff.

A future-proof HR department understands the impact technology will have on its employees, is able to forecast which opportunities need responding to and turn these into programmes that drive the company forward.

This can be achieved simply by connecting HRM to your Exact software.

The benefits of Exact for HRM

  • Full understanding of the business
    Get full and real-time insight in employees, performance, productivity and costs when HRM software is integrated with your other systems
  • Ease the strain of administrative tasks on finance and HR personnel
    Empower employees and managers to handle their HR matters, so that finance and HR managers can be relieved of administrative tasks and are able to focus on what’s truly important
  • Gain control of HR processes
    Build a complete digital personnel file, including legally mandatory data and personal documentation. This provides visibility and control into all employee activities
  • One transparent system
    Integrate our HRM software with your other Exact solutions, such as Exact Globe and Exact Financials. you can be completely confident in your administration: working with one single source means there’s only one truth

"We want to deploy the expertise of our staff members as effectively as possible. This benefits our clients."

Alewijnse Holding was looking for ways to modernise its HR automation that empowers people to organise their own HR issues; a well-organised workflow removes a wealth of admin and increases the level of service.

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About Exact for HRM

With Exact’s HRM software you have a proven system that offers comprehensive insight into all staff related issues. This relieves your workload, enabling your staff members to request holidays, view their personnel file or adjust data via a portal or mobile app. Moreover, reliable reports give you insights in all things related to your employees, and therefore how your company functions.

When you connect HRM to your Exact systems you know for certain that you’re working from a single truth and achieving the best result.

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