Exact for International Business: Global compliance management

Connect all your locations globally with a single system

International companies are often complex. International business requires a global compliance management system that takes differences in local legislation and regulations into account. Knowledge of the local market and context is crucial. Not forgetting the constant headache of how to organise the storage of your business information. If you don’t get this right, it will be tricky and time consuming to know how your international company is really doing.

Exact for International Business provides the global compliance solution. We are the international specialists in local compliance.

Exact Globe and Exact Synergy are the basis of Exact for International Businesses.

Exact for International Business

  • One regulatory compliance software system, local compliance everywhere
  • International business, with the same contact everywhere
  • Easy to consolidate, budget and forecast
  • Easy to expand thanks to blueprint implementation
  • Use via the Exact Cloud or on-premises.

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The advantages of Exact for International Businesses

One single system, global compliance

Exact for International Business connects all your systems: finance, industry-specific ERP, HRM, CRM, BPM and PSA. This means that all staff in all locations work in the same system, with the same information and in the same manner. This makes it easy to create reports and analyses, so that you always have an up-to-date and accurate presentation of how your international company is doing.

A single partner, globally

Exact has clients in more than 100 countries, so we understand international compliance. We’re present all over the globe to support them. If you also choose for Exact for International Business, you will benefit from the global presence of Exact offices and partners. This means that you always have access to a central point of contact with local customer services experts.

Easy to expand

Exact for International Business is an off-the-shelf standard solution. This means that the investment costs stay low and the implementation time remains short. Because we work with a number of proven best practices, the system is easy to adjust to your specific wishes.
Benefit from support for global shared services.

Easy to consolidate

With Exact, your financial management processes are linked to a single central source. All financial data, budgets, forecasts and other data from all your locations are easily aligned with each other and analysed. In this way, every financial period is promptly and easily closed with 100% certainty. This speeds up your month-end closing and ensures that your management reports are based on the most up-to-date information.

Present everywhere, compliant everywhere

International business means International compliance management that meets local legislation and regulations. Speaking the right language and calculating in the correct currency. Exact for International Business complies with legislation in 40 countries, can be set to 40 languages and supports multiple currencies and international bank formats. This makes it pleasant for staff in your local offices to work with and means you have no concerns about compliance.

Exact International Service Essentials

With Exact for International Business, you can optimise your business processes so that your company can benefit fully from it. But it isn’t only about the software. We want to provide you with our best-in-class customer support.

We do this with our Service Essentials. From analysis, advice and implementation of the system to training and support. We ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

Exact Service Essentials are for everyone. Whether you’ve been a customer for years and changes in your company mean you’re looking to optimise your regulatory compliance software, or whether you’re considering using Exact for International Business for the first time.

Stories of successful Exact customers:

"Quality requirements, warehousing and administration under control."

Yogi Tea

"Exact has helped us optimize our operation and significantly reduce costs."

Syarikat Jun Chong