Are you ready for growth?
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Digital innovations are coming! Is your business ready to create new opportunities by using these innovations? Or do you need to adapt first at a more strategic level? In which phase is your business now?

Grower phase:

Some businesses are ready for growth. They embrace opportunities to disrupt the market and use technology to accelerate their progress.

Traits of a grower:

Growers are lean, flexible and scalable. Business processes are well organized and the employees know exactly what’s happening within the company. Finance plays a key role in the organization, providing the real-time evidence to support strategic decision making.


  • How do you stay in control of a rapidly growing organization?
  • How do you ensure that processes remain lean and avoid growth leading to greater complexity?
  • How do you take on international expansion and continue financing the growth plan?
Growers & Changers

Grower whitepaper: Blueprint for successful international expansion

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Changer whitepaper: Regaining financial insight and operational control across multiple locations

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Changer phase:

Many organizations are trapped in existing processes and structures, experiencing disruptive stress as a result. The tendency is to remain in the way of thinking and operating that has brought past successes, rather than what’s actually required right now.

Traits of a changer:

These organizations are often slowed down by legacy operations that limit flexibility and scalability, and create barriers to effective change management. This while digitalization is speeding the market forwards, creating a new landscape of agile, start-up competitors.


  • Auditing and where necessary redesigning processes
  • Ensuring business critical information can be made available in real-time
  • Consolidating dispersed financial administrations and supporting shared services

By focusing on the latest digital innovation, translating it into standard software and delivering best-in-class customer services, we give growers and changers the platform to move forward with confidence and success.

It starts by continually exploring at the front edge of digital innovation, helping us to understand the future and advise you on risks and opportunities alike.

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This also enables us to keep translating the latest technology into standard software solutions for your business - IT that is powerful yet simple, scalable and cost-effective.

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You’re then supported with proactive best in class services, helping you to achieve operational excellence at every step of the lifecycle.

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Growers & changers

Digital innovation

Digital innovation

Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud were the megatrends of the last few years. Exact committed to exploring the possibilities, embracing the benefits and incorporating the technology to add the value these trends bring to our products:

  • International private cloud offering Exact solutions offsite and outsourced IT management
  • A broad range of native mobile applications for key processes across all operating systems
  • Fully integrated analytics dashboards for all key operational and financial processes.

Technology keeps on changing so we also keep looking forward:

  • Blockchain and other Fintech for faster, more secure financial processes
  • Internet of Things and hyper connectivity for supply chain automation
  • Virtual and augmented reality in logistics and professional services
  • Robotizing for total automation of accountancy
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics for forecasting as accurate as reporting.

Exciting developments. Major opportunities. We invest to ensure that you can benefit from them - either in making a change, or in accelerating growth.

The sky's the limit

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Moving to the cloud - 5 attention points for bigger companies

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