Are you ready for GST?

Why GST?

GST is a better and fairer tax system compared to SST (Sales & Service Tax) as GST will:

  1. Lower business cost
    Under the current system, some business pay multiple taxes and higher levels of tax-on-tax (cascading tax). With GST, businesses can benefit from recovering input tax on raw materials and incurred expenses, thus reducing costs.
  2. Increase global competitiveness
    Prices of Malaysia exports will become more competitive on the global stage as no GST is imposed on exported goods and services, while GST incurred on inputs can be recovered along the supplies chain. This will strengthen our export industry, helping the country progress even further.
  3. Enhance compliance
    The current SST has many inherent weaknesses making administration difficult. GST system has in-built mechanism to make the tax administration self-policy and therefore will enhance compliance.
  4. Fair pricing to consumers
    GST eliminates double taxation under SST. Consumers will pay fairer prices for most goods and services compared to SST.

Exact GST Certification

Exact Southeast Asia is delighted to announce the GST certification of its Exact Macola and Exact Globe software by The Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM). As you know, GST is not just a matter of tax, but also, an issue that affects all aspects of your business. Regardless of what the impact is to your business, Exact is here to help you with a smooth and easy implementation of the Malaysian GST when it comes into force in 2015.

Other software may have different variations of the GST functions whereby the updates are maintained by software resellers or partners. As a software principal of Exact Macola and Exact Globe, all updates and changes from JKDM are maintained by Exact and you will enjoy one standard version of the GST features.

Click here to view Exact GST certificate.