Webinar: Introduction to Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy: workflow and document management software

Exact Synergy is the ultimate solution to manage your business processes. With its broad functionalities, it lets all disciplines within your organisation benefit by making existing processes measurable and transparent. At the same time, it lets you work on your collective memory: one single source of knowledge and information.

During this webinar we take you through several inspiring examples of how Synergy can enhance your organisation even further. A few examples of possible functionalities are:

  • Workflow management and automation, signalling and alerts
  • Fully integrated document management and archiving
  • Project management and administration
  • Templates for HR, sales and other business processes
  • Full integration with Exact for Finance and ERP
  • Always and everywhere accessible on your mobile devices

Do you want to know what Exact Synergy can offer your organisation?

Find out what the benefits of Exact Synergy are during our 1 hour of webinar. We introduce you to the platform through a live demonstration and several case studies.

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