Bugaboo: Effective internal communication and co-operation in practice

Lean businesses communicate effectively organization-wide. By ensuring everyone has access to accurate, up-to-date information on what’s going on, they can trust in the decisions they make.

Bugaboo’s success has been built on clear insight across a complex company. The business sells its products in nearly 50 countries with the help of around 800 staff in a factory in china, 6 distribution centers and eight offices around the world. Thanks to their integrated front and back office ERP system, all employees can benefit from accurate, timely communication on all matters.

Every division working with the same system

To stay lean and effective, Bugaboo needed a software system capable of handling their growing complexity and sales volumes. For the management team, it was essential that insight right across the business was achievable.

Rob van Dijk, Project leader System development at Bugaboo: ‘We have four divisions all running the same system: EMEA, Spain, Australia and the US. Initially the US had a local solution, but we really wanted to draw everyone together. That gives us the oversight we need.’

Solid as a rock

All the sales organizations within the company run the same CRM and opportunity management system. In each location there is a coupling to the other offices, and to the company wide back office solution.

The integration of all these systems within such a complex international organization was certainly as challenge. The company had to deal with local legislations and tax regulations, specifics of local logistics, differences in languages and VAT rates. However, the cross-border functionality built into the ERP package was perfectly suited to the challenge.

Despite the difficulties involved in aligning and coordinating everything, the outcome has been well worth the effort. Van Dijk again: ‘thanks to the support for local differences within one standardized solution that could be rolled out everywhere, we’ve managed to get everything set up correctly and now stand together as one business solid as a rock.’

Company-wide CRM drives transparency

The front office system has been very important in making detailed information available to everyone who needs it. The customer contact center, where all telephone conversations and e-mails from customers come in, now uses the software to log every single contact moment.

New orders and requests for spare parts are also recorded in the same way, with the process automatically entered in the back office financial administration thanks to the full integration. Whatever information anyone needs, it’s fully complete and easy to find for everyone.

Winning time

‘We’ve also developed a worldwide Retail Online Ordering-portal for our retailers. The tool automatically creates orders in the back office, taking account of fixed prices, assortments, language, stock level, delivery times and more automatically.

Furthermore, all our divisions can communicate via EDI, XML en web services with our larger vendors, logistics partners and e-commerce platforms. We can now either process or forward all-in and out-going orders automatically. Ultimately, we’ve realized significant time win in the checking and completing of the processes,’ explains Van Dijk.


  • Name organisations: Bugaboo International BV
  • Locations: 5 divisions, 8 offices, 1 factory, 6 distribution centers
  • Employees: 800
  • Focus areas: HRM, CRM, Document management, Workflow, Financial, Logistics, Production and WMS

The benefits

  • All locations worldwide work in the same system
  • Systems are fully integrated, with all data easily accessible
  • The information a stored in a fully structured way
  • Transparent and user-friendly