New: scanning solution and Service App

Exact presents E-WMS Lite, a simple scanning solution for your warehouse, and the Exact Field Service App for service engineers. Try them yourself!

Efficient logistics are becoming ever more important. In December 2012, we launched two new products especially for the logistics market. E-WMS Lite offers you a simple scanning solution for your warehouse that you can get started with immediately. In addition, the Exact Field Service App for service engineers has received a lot of positive reactions from customers and partners alike.

E-WMS Lite

Barcode scanners have become invaluable in the warehouse. Exact can now offer businesses with a limited budget this vital functionality. In addition to our existing E-WMS products, WMS Lite is now available.

E-WMS Lite supports the following processes in the warehouse:

  • Goods receipt
  • Stock counts
  • Picking of sales orders

Want to know more about E-WMS Lite? Get in contact with your local sales representative, or send a mail to

Exact Field Service App

The Exact Field Service app lets service engineers display all their service activities clearly via iPad. From inspections to fixing faults, taking photos, creating orders and signing off work receipts, the Exact Field Service App gives the engineer everything he needs to deliver a great job. Stop the never ending search for paperwork and keep your appointment planning flexible. The Exact Field Service ensures that the most up to date information is always to hand.

Curious? Watch the video or download the app in the Appstore. No license for Exact Service Management? No problem! You can make use of the demo login. Click 'Login details in the Appstore and choose demo-login. The demo app is based on our demo environment MacBean CoffeeWorld.