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Use the Exact APIs and integrate your app with our software

API stands for 'Application Programming Interface'. It describes a method that enables one system to communicate and exchange information with another. Put simply, an API is a set of instructions that allows you to integrate apps with each other so that they can work together.

Exact in 1984

Exact makes it easy

The Exact API allows easy integration with other apps that can be used by your company every day. As a result, your work will be super-efficient. The integration will reduce your workload and make you more efficient across all your company's divisions.


Our API documentation is designed to help you quickly integrate your application with Exact software.

Become an Exact Add-on Partner

Add more value and reach more customers with your own software. Use an add-on to connect it to Exact Online. Developers are granted free access to Exact and our APIs. You can also contact us if you require assistance and visit our Add-on Centre. Product integration makes it simple for our customers to connect your add-on in just one mouse click.

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