Wesley Kemp
Gave 40 underprivileged kids a unforgettable week at summercamp

What is your project about?

In August 2018 I had a great week when I volunteered for a Christian child-summer camp. As “chief” of this summer camp we started our preparations in January and it was really great to see everything took off the way we had thought. It turned out to be a very nice week and it was a pleasure to see the joy on the faces of all the kids!

Why did you choose this project?

It gives me joy and energy to organize an amazing week for kids outside their homes and to teach them Christian values and standards. This week has been established by the financial contributions of the parents but also by donations and subvention of the city of Rotterdam. With this contribution also underprivileged children were able to spend an amazing week at summer camp.

What did you do?

We spend a week in Hellendoorn in a group accommodation. The central theme of the week was “Welcome to the Kingdom” All our activities were linked to this central theme. We enjoyed a great week with games, theater, Biblical story-telling, handcrafting activities and great food!

What are the results?

40 happy kids that had an amazing week, got to know more about Christian values and stories and made new friends for life. The kids and I are very thankful to be able to do this with CRS give back days and are looking forward to next year!!

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