Richard van Hulst
The Sibusiso program in Tanzania

What is your project about?

The Sibusiso program in Tanzania is a unique program for mentally disabled children and their families. Sibusiso is a centre where children are temporarily recorded and where many activities take place. Additionally, the program is ' community based ', meaning that it is also in villages, where the children come from, active.

Sibusiso strives to break the taboo around disabilities and acceptance of mentally retarded children in Tanzania. Sibusiso makes no distinction in the religious or cultural background of children.

Why did you choose this project?

I have a mentally disabled brother and I know that good care good make a difference. The care we can provide for this vulnerable group in The Netherlands is much better than in a country like Tanzania. Together with my wife, I have volunteered for this beautiful foundation in the past. We thought it would be a great experience for our children to get involved with this foundation as well.

What did you do?

In recent months we have organized benefit dinners for our friends and family at our home. In addition, together with the primary school of our children, we organized several small fund raising activities (bob a job, a relay race and collecting deposit money).

What are the results?

With these activities, the generosity of many others and a financial donation of Exact, we were proud to donate Foundation Sibusiso a nice cheque € 4,781 which they will use to develop their sporting facilities.

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