Liset Molenaar,
Clean up the beach of Schiermonnikoog

What is your project about?

With a group of 16 User Experience Design from Exact we collected plastic of the beach at the northern part of the island Schiermonnikoog. Lot’s of plastic, like bottle caps, fishing nets or plastic bags washes up on the beach due to the enormous plastic soup floating in our oceans.

Why did you choose this project?

The island of Schiermonnikoog is a nature reserve where many birds species live. These birds are threatened by all the plastic washed up to the shore because of the fact that they think it’s food, what obviously it isn’t.

What did you do?

Together with a big group we walked down the beach and we cleaned all the plastic we encountered. We collected wrapping paper, plastic straws, insulation materials and even a part of a Barbie doll. These are all examples of the variety of plastic on our beaches.

What are the results?

We cleaned over 2 kilometers of the shore, which resulted in 20 garbage bags full of plastic. Our contribution will not solve the problem of the plastic soup if you consider that 1 kg of plastic per person ends in our oceans. If everyone contributes with cleaning up the plastic, our planet will benefit!

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